Magic Hunt

by Yonic Boom

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released February 4, 2014

guitar + vox: reddie francis
guitar + backup vox: steph crumley
drums + backup vox: KBJ
bass: diana tamir

tracks 1, 2, and 4 written by freddie francis.
track 3 written by yonic boom.
all tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by billy boom leva at the ragged mansion in arlington, massachusetts.
album art illustrations by michelle weiser.
album art graphic design by darby rages.



all rights reserved


Yonic Boom Boston, Massachusetts

Yoni power, no apologies, and knee-kisses <3

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Track Name: Erotic Cuddle Session
put your face on my face
put your skin on my skin
i'll make trouble so you can take it
i'll bike away and keep it secret

put your face on my face
put your hand in my hand
i'll break our boundaries so you don't have to
i'll lie awake and keep you in my heart

just don't
put your mouth on mine
hold back
put your mouth on mine
Track Name: Who Needs Bieber
i've lost patience with the sensibilities of red and blue
pick a party like a sports team
raise a flag and pay your dues
who needs bieber with the president on covers of GQ
here's a protip, join a protest
yeah, now that's a party crew

i've lost patience with the lived experience of picking sides
gains for some, exploiting others
take hypocrisy in stride
who needs enemies with allies who will take away our voice
don't accept it, fuck politeness
let's get real and make some noise

you people with your prayers and hope
your justice is a fucking joke
your colorblindness keeps us chained
to our delusions and our pain
we're fucking sick, you say we're well
you're ignorant to others' hell
we're all part of the system now

we've lost consciousness, the law is here to sell us what is right
they assume fairly we're peaceful
that we're far too stoned to fight
who needs conspiracy, just look at how they treat us to our face
i don't wanna be complacent in the genocide of race

how dare they divide us
they don't know what's inside us
Track Name: No Apologies
you feel me up
i'll fuck you up
with no apologies
Track Name: Crush
it's not worth it anymore
deprivation's just for show
hung up my hat up by the door
i'm running out on debts i owe
and the heart we shared
the heart we share
is burdened with our guilt
still we're forging through to nothing
tearing down the walls we built

what if all you like is my hair and silly songs
will you get bored soon, go on your own
what if all i like is your bedroom silhouette
how you squeeze me tight and make me sweat
what if all we want is a fallout crush
we've come so close, so what's the rush

it's a short ride home
i don't wanna be alone
i just wanna be alone with you